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Application of ozone in garment washing industrial

  • Date:2022-01-27 10:17:08
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    1.Washing water is an important step in the finishing process of garments. 

    With the development of the times and the update of the trend, washing water, as a special status process in the finishing of garments, will occupy a pivotal position in the textile industry in the future. Washing water is the drum washing of garments (cloths) with the help of chemical auxiliaries, stones (rubber balls), etc., so as to achieve various purposes such as cleaning, softness, fading, and obsolete.

In order to achieve a certain effect, the temperature, washing time and the type and amount of chemical raw materials used can be changed to meet the requirements. After washing, the clothes will be improved in terms of feel, color, visual effect and wearability. At the same time, the clothes are shrunk after washing, which makes them not easily deformed during use, and the size remains relatively stable. According to the auxiliaries used and the washing effect, it can generally be divided into washing, stone washing, enzyme washing, enzyme stone washing, chemical washing, sand washing, snow washing, rinsing, whitening, etc. In addition, in order to obtain the comprehensive effects of the above, Different washing methods can be used in combination. As for which washing method to use, it depends on the customer's requirements and the desired effect.


    2. Working principle: The ozone gas generated by the ozone generator is used to fully contact the clothes in the drum of the machine to achieve the disinfection, anti-oxidation, decolorization, color fixing, bleaching, pattern and other processes of the clothes.

    Ozone is a strong oxidizing gas and has super decolorizing power for all dyes. Ozone can destroy the hair and auxochromic groups of these dyes, so as to achieve decolorization effect, but the effect of ozone on various organic dyes is different. It takes 5 minutes to decolorize 90% of basic dyes, and 5-10 minutes for direct dyes. In contrast, azo dyes are more easily oxidized. The common basic composition in dyes is hydroxyazo pigments. When these compounds react with O3, firstly, ozone and phenolphthalein, which is a hydroxyphenylmethane-based pigment, will produce color and discoloration through the reversible opening and closing of the lactone ring, which can be used as an indicator. Alkaline phenolphthalein easily reacts with 03. Ozone undergoes a 1.3 addition reaction at the electron-rich C=C bond, which can cut off the pigment skeleton and decolorize it.

    Ozone application Denim decolorization has been widely used in coastal areas, which can help enterprises greatly reduce operating costs, reduce the cost of original high-temperature steam decolorization, and improve enterprise economic benefits. The equipment is simple to operate (just put the denim clothes into the special rotating machine for decolorization, and rotate for 5-15 minutes to achieve the desired color effect), no secondary pollution, easy to decolorize, and natural color.

    Usually customers need to remove the dyes that are back dyed on the inside of the jeans during the washing process, because it is very unreasonable for the dyes to directly contact the skin, and it is not environmentally friendly. Therefore, many chemicals are used to treat these dyes; but the effect is achieved. At the same time, a series of problems have arisen, such as environmental pollution, poor working environment, and impact on the personal safety of operators. Now it is possible to provide a completely sealed and safe environment to use ozone to treat jeans; the source of ozone is air, and after the ozone treatment is completed, it will return to the air. Generally, ozone exists in the air for only 25 seconds. Converting into oxygen is very environmentally friendly and very important to the human body and the environment; and the ozone-treated denim clothing has special visual effects, and it can also handle all kinds of T-shirts.


    Advantages of ozone generators:

    1. Fully automatic ozone oxidation process

    2. The only system with complete air drying

    3. Safety, sealing within the necessary safety range

    4. The control program can get duplicate answers

    5. A lot of chemical savings

    6. Save a lot of energy consumption such as water and heat

    7. Save processing time in the washing machine

    8. Energy saving

    9. Huge flexibility in design and fashion


    Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of ozone oxidation and traditional methods

    1. It is relatively economical to wash and dye with sodium hypochlorite (18 degrees of Plum); but it is not easy to control, and there are fibers that damage the cloth. Health Hazards: Workers with frequent hand contact experience profuse palms sweating, thinning of nails, and hair loss. The chlorine gas released by this product may cause poisoning. Corrosive, can cause human body burns, with sensitization.

    2. Add sodium hypochlorite with sodium chlorite and sulfuric acid. The price is higher than the previous one. But better than the previous one. Does not hurt the fibers of the cloth. Sodium chlorite has strong oxidizing properties. At 175 ℃, it will decompose and generate heat, and it will explode violently when it comes into contact with combustible materials, so attention must be paid to safety. Sulfuric acid is harmful to the environment and can cause acid pollution to water and soil. It is highly corrosive and irritating, and can cause burns to the human body.

   3. Potassium permanganate, peracetic acid and reduction bleaching methods For denim bleaching, in addition to sodium hypochlorite and sodium chlorite, potassium permanganate, peracetic acid and reduction bleaching methods can also be used, depending on the dyes used in denim. According to the type, the traditional denim is a vat dye, and it is also replaced by sulfur dyes or direct dyes, and some are replaced by reactive dyes. Therefore, it needs to be considered according to the specific situation.

   4. Advantages of Ozone Oxidation

a) No pollution, ozone is pure substance. At room temperature, it is easy to decompose and generate oxygen and oxygen atoms

b) The oxidizing power of ozone is extremely strong.

c) low operating cost

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