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Automatic Washer Extractor

Automatic Washer Extractor

The automatic washer extractor is the must necessary equipment for hotel laundry.
· Whole machine adapts the high quality stainless steel, which greatly extends the service lift.

· Large screen computer controller, flexible and professional, memory more than 40 sets of programs, at the same time with a manual operating system, in the case of failure of the computer controller can be switched to the emergency

· operating system, manual operation, complete the washing work.

· Large diameter stainless steel door, inner drum using with high strength stainless steel, single side punching, double side polishing, reduce fabric wear.

· Advanced inverter to control the motor speed, gentle startup, low noise and low energy consumption.

· Unique suspension shake-proof structure, low noise, high removal of excessive smooth washing, no foundation. (over 25kg using this structure)

· Adopt shaft seat integrated structure, high quality bearing and durable.
Capacity 容量                                       kg15255060100120
Drum Size 洗衣缸尺寸                      mmΦ700x350Φ800x500Φ980x650Φ1050x650Φ1200x850Φ1300x800
Washing Speed 洗涤速度                          rpm323232323232
Extracting Speed 脱水速度                          rpm750750720720700700
Motor Power 电机功率                          kw1.
Water Consumption 耗水量                               kg1922405607209441100
Electricity Heating Power
Steam Consumption
Net Weight 净重                                    kg6509502000220030003300
Overall Size 外形尺寸 mm860x1120x13501100x1250x15501700x1455x18501760x1520x19001750x2000x20801790x2000x2100
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