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Dye jigger used for flat pieces of silk, kam cotton, cotton, artificial silk fabric strong activit, curing, vat dyes and desizing, scouring, bleaching, washing and other processing, it can also be used to correct chromatic aberration caused by the contineous dyeing production line.


• Machine with large capacity, can be finished the bulk fabric in one time.

• Machine adopts AC double variable frequency dreive, so pneumatic, parking, working and all kinds of auxiliary operation are stable and reliable.

• Fabric tension adjusting range from 0kg to 250kg, small tension is especially suit for thin and delicate fabric such as silk, kam cotton.

• JR-140 JIGGER equipped with dyeing liquid circulation system, ensure the dye solution's temperature and concentration is uniform in the dye VAT.

• Machine with small bath ratio, which greatly reduce the consumption of water and steam.


• Dual variable frequency closed-loop control, different from the general frequency conversion open-loop control, realize the constant tension speed online feedback control, which minimizes the fluctuation of velocity and tension.

• General variable frequency Dye Jigger often has dropped cloth, brakes fail and other problems recurring because of the internal control current interference. We developed the Dye Jigger stable computer control program which is combined with SIEMENS technology, and it has solves the mentioned problems.

• Difference color between the edge and the middle also be being a common problem to general dye jiggers, we learnt from the foreign dye jiggers who have their widen tension bracket of characteristics, combined with the experience we have accumulated over the years, has promoted the micro-disarmament swing frame system, make the machine in the process of playing of board outage micro ratation, effectively prevent the dye water deposition in unilateral, thus improving dyeing problems can not be solved in production, greatly improving the quality of the products.

JR-140 Stainless Steel Computer Dual Frequency AC Dye Jigger

It can be designed for standard, vacuum suction-type, multi  padding-type, and small bath ratio type, in order to meet the special 




辊幅( 毫米)Roller Length( mm)18002200280032003600
实用宽幅( 毫米)Fabric   width applicable( mm)16002000260030003400
最大卷径( 毫米)The max   roll diameter( mm)1400
织物容量( 米)Capacity   for fabrics( mm)1459/t , t:织物厚度,mm  1459/ t , fabric thickness , t:mm
速度( 米/分钟)Speed(   m/ min)20-150
张力( 公斤)Tension(   kg)0-250
硬水用量( 升/小时)Consumption   of hard water( L/ hour)24803000380044005000
软水用量( 升/小时)Consumption   of soft water( L/ hour)420500650750800
染槽蒸汽用量( 升/小时)Consumption   of steam in dye vat ( L/ hour)420500630720780
染槽最大容量( 升)The max   capacity of dye vat( L)13801700210021502600
装机总功率( 千瓦)Total   power( kw)17.   217.   2252525
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