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How to save energy and reduce consumption in industrial clothing dryers

  • Date:2022-02-23 08:35:21
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heat exchanger

    Clothes drying is an important step in garment manufacturing and industrial washing, and it is also the most energy-intensive process.

    The industrial garment dryer is a washing device that dries the wet fabric after washing. Its advantages are low input cost and low operating cost, but its disadvantages are high energy consumption, poor drying effect, and difficult temperature control. Today's clothes drying equipment directly discharges the hot and humid air in the process of drying clothes into the air, which not only wastes a lot of heat energy, but also causes pollution to the environment and reduces costs, which is an urgent need for the development of the industry. The application of copper tube heat exchangers in industrial and commercial clothes dryers can effectively improve heat recovery efficiency (70%-80%).

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