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Professional services, providing solutions according to customer production needs

  • Date:2022-07-09 17:14:40
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It can provide customers with production solutions, and can provide customers with matching models for reference according to their production needs.

The following is a production solution for one of the customers:

12,000 pcs denim in normal washing per day, 8 hours per day


JIANYE brand GX-600 washing machine can process 120 pcs at a time.

Normal washing time is around 30 minutes (10 minutes for loading and unloading, 5 minutes for heating the water, and 15 minutes for washing the garment)

One hour can deal with: 240 pcs

With 8 hours: 240*8= 1920 pcs.

One GX-600 Washing machine capable of processing 1920 pcs garments per hour, daily processing capacity 12000 ÷ processing capacity per machine 1920=6.25.

Equipped with: 6 units GX-600 washing machines

JIANYE brand GY-300 tumble dryer can handle 120 pcs denim at a time.

The drying time is around 45 minutes (10 mins for loading and unloading, and the drying time is about 35 minutes).

One GY-300 tumble dryer can be processed per hour: 160 pcs

With 8 hours: 160* 8 hours = 1280 pieces.

Daily processing capacity 12,000 pieces ÷ each machine's processing capacity 1280 pieces=9.375.

Equipped with: 9 units GY-300 tumble dryers

JIANYE brand GZ-42 hydro machine can handle the workload of 3 units GX-600 washing machines

Equipped with: 2 units GZ-42 hydro machine


Equipped with a sampling machine

GX-100~150 sample washer  2 units

GY-100~150 sample tumble dryer 2 units

GZ-30 hydro machine 1 unit

GF hot and cold air blaster

The above information is for reference only. If you need it,  please contact me freely.

The following is the drawing of placing the machine according to the location planned by the customer.

Schematic diagram of on-site planning of washing and dyeing equipment customers

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