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Heat Exchanger Manufacturing

  • Date:2022-05-31 09:54:14
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Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers—Characteristics of Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers

1. High reliability: the heat pipe heat exchanger can completely separate the hot and cold fluids through the middle partition of the heat exchanger, and the heat exchange will not be affected when a single heat pipe is damaged due to wear, corrosion, over-temperature and other reasons during operation. the device is running. Heat pipe heat exchangers have high reliability for fluid heat exchange occasions that are easy, explosive and corrosive.

2. Very economical: The cold and hot fluids of the heat pipe heat exchanger flow completely separately, which can easily realize the countercurrent heat exchange of the cold and hot fluids. Both the hot and cold fluids flow outside the tube. Since the heat transfer coefficient of the flow outside the tube is much higher than that of the flow inside the tube, it is very economical to use in low-grade heat recovery applications.

3. Solve the problem of wear and ash blocking: For fluids with high dust content, the heat pipe heat exchanger can solve the wear and ash blocking problems of the heat exchanger by changing the structure and expanding the heating surface.

4. Avoid corrosive areas: When the heat pipe heat exchanger is used for waste heat recovery of corrosive flue gas, the temperature of the heat pipe wall can be adjusted by adjusting the heat transfer area of the evaporation section and the condensation section, so that the heat pipe avoids the largest heat pipe as much as possible. Corroded area.

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